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        Welcome to Zhejiang Chemsyn Pharm Co.,Ltd Website!
        Potassium chloride

        [Product name] Potassium chloride
        [English abbreviations] KCL
        [Molecular formula] KCL
        [Molecular weight] 74.5513
        [CAS No.] 7447-40-7
        [H.S. CODE] 31042010.00
        [Chemical Structural formula] K-CL
        [Quality standard] Enterprise standard
        [Packaging and specifications] 40KG/bag; 55*90CM
        [Uses] Preparation for Other potassium salts, also used in medicine, metal heat treatment, photographic and manufacturing metal magnesium; is used as an electrolyte supplement drug for the treatment of hypokalemia and other nutritional supplements, gelling agent, substituting salt, yeast food
        [Storage conditions] Avoid light, airtight preservation
        [MSDS] After sign purchase order, we will provide the MSDS if you requested
        [Grade of dangerous goods] Ordinary

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